$997.00 USD

12-Week Adult Well-being Coaching Package

Isn't it time that you start becoming the YOU that you dream of?

What you'll get:

  • 12 weeks of structured support and accountability in weekly coaching sessions.
  • Whole-life self-assessments to help you understand your strengths and challenges.
  • Access to a professional coach who truly LISTENS, and who can help you move forward through even the toughest situations.

Upon purchase, you'll be able to schedule weekly sessions with Coach Eric. You'll also gain access to your personal dashboard where you can access session recordings, notes, and any documents or other resources that Eric shares with you.


You'll work with Eric to understand your current strengths and challenges, and to identify areas where you want to grow.

Eric is trained to let YOU be the expert in your own life, and he will offer support, encouragement, and accountability depending on what you need. He's an expert in certain areas of health, so he can teach you if you want, but he's even better as a facilitator of learning -- helping YOU become more-expert in areas that are important to you!
Whether you simply need a listening ear, someone to remind you of your successes so far, or even someone to hold a firm boundary that keeps you accountable, Coach Eric will be there for you!